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Online of SMS nonwovens composite technology

Yiwu Guanghong Non-Woven Co.,Ltd | Updated: Sep 03, 2016

Online process refers to the compound through SMS on the same production line of spunbonded and melt spray equipment to achieve the so-called one-step SMS. In the same line, also has two spunbond spinnerets and a melt blowing die, first by first spunbond spinneret extrusive filaments forming a first-tier Web, then melt blowing die to form a second layer of fiber network, then by the second spun-bonded spinneret to form third fiber NET. This three-tiered Web after hot rolling bonding, finally after a winding machine cutting edge winding formation of SMS nonwovens.

Online composite SMS product line, combines two different types of network technology, production technology has many advantages and flexibility. For example, according to performance requirements, adjust proportion of Spunbond and meltblown layer; Products with good breathability; The low weight products can be produced; Products filtration performance and better resistance to hydrostatic. Online composite production line in large investment costs, but the long construction period, production shortcomings of technical difficulty, power loss and is therefore not adapted to small order production. From the efficiency point because meltblown production speed is low, so make sure the SMS product quality and performance you must sacrifice spunbonded production line speeds. In order to solve this problem, have been developed, such as SMMS/SMMMS melt blowing die production lines, by increasing the number of melt blowing die in order to increase productivity. Table 1 is currently the online SMS product line statistics.

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