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Principle of spunlace non-woven cloth

Yiwu Guanghong Non-Woven Co.,Ltd | Updated: Sep 03, 2016

Fiber network by conveying network curtain or metal network curtain transfer, and by pre wet device (Laura or curtain) pre wet and pre water Thorn, then into water thorn district, in water thorn district fiber network by number a water thorn device shot out of very fine high pressure flow of Jet, its surface fiber for by strongly impact and vertical into fiber network within, while due to conveying curtain has three dimensional structure, flow through fiber network Hou, impact in lost network curtain Shang, and to different angle reflection back, formed on fiber of reverse impact, makes fiber produced different direction of displacement, Makes fiber network in the fiber mutual tangles and close to hold collection in with, formed has must strength of wet state no spinning cloth. times reflection Hou of flow due to energy reduced pressure reduced was water thorn device and the lost network curtain Xia of vacuum sucking tank go, then by filter circulatory system processing Hou again repeat using. wet state no spinning cloth by vacuum dehydration Hou into drying device baking dry Hou into cloth.

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