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Sanitray Nonwoven Fabric Increased Demand

Yiwu Guanghong Non-Woven Co.,Ltd | Updated: Aug 07, 2017

Adhesive manufacturers and coating equipment suppliers can act as partners to help disposable hygiene products to improve efficiency, Sanitray Nonwoven Fabric produce higher quality products while reducing costs.

Today's consumers want both fish and bear's paw - requiring disposable hygiene products at the same time, with the lowest price. Manufacturers should not only meet the changing needs of consumers and increase the demand, Sanitray Nonwoven Fabric but also concerned about sustainable development, while controlling the cost of production and improve efficiency to maintain the competitiveness of enterprises and profitability, Sanitray Nonwoven Fabric we can only carefully in these requirements to seek a balance The

In response to these challenges, manufacturers require raw material and production equipment suppliers to support the production of three more complex disposable hygiene products, Sanitray Nonwoven Fabric namely: baby diapers and diapers, women's menstrual supplies and adult incontinence products.

The highly competitive market is dominated by several giants of the global industry, are those well-known enterprises, such as Procter & Gamble, Kimberly-Clark, You Ni Jia and love Shengya. However, Sanitray Nonwoven Fabric even these multinational giants, in the global market share is limited. Despite the small opportunities for growth in mature market areas, these opportunities are largely related to changes in demographic structures, Sanitray Nonwoven Fabric changes in product and production trends. Globally, Sanitray Nonwoven Fabric the growth potential of many developing markets is high and the opportunities for development are related to the increase in income levels in addition to population growth and population growth, and the acceptance of products such as adult incontinence The degree is inseparable

The practical function of disposable hygiene is to capture, Sanitray Nonwoven Fabric transport and store liquids or solids while being comfortable and healthy (see Figure 1). These products are also common in the production process: high-speed rotating shaft on the base network (non-woven film, Sanitray Nonwoven Fabric multi-channel diaphragm) and elastic materials (stranded and stretchable film).

Although the basic function of disposable hygiene products has always been the same, Sanitray Nonwoven Fabric randomness and comfort are becoming more and more important. The current trend of disposable hygiene products is to be more like "clothing", or when wearing "less obvious." Sanitray Nonwoven Fabric This trend is particularly important for adult incontinence products, because an active elders do not want to be known to be wearing "diapers" - the traditional disposable diaper or loose plastic "sand" sound that is wearing diaper The This "like clothing" trend can be transformed into the specific features being designed and implemented:

• thinner and softer

• Better comfort

• Functional enhancement (eg odor control, humidity indication, skin care that promotes skin health, etc.)

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