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Sanitray Nonwoven Fabric The Use Of

Yiwu Guanghong Non-Woven Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 27, 2017

Nonwovens are not a cloth, Sanitray Nonwoven Fabric but because it has a similar character to the cloth, it is often used as a cloth. The manufacturer of the non-woven bag manufacturer simply tells us about this particular cloth in our life use.

We are in contact with a lot of life in the mask are mostly made using this material, Sanitray Nonwoven Fabric non-woven mask can be a good way to reduce the impact of haze on our body, blocking harmful pathogens into our body. With a better quality,

It is very strong load-bearing capacity, can be very good to meet the re-use of consumers, pulling the purpose of heavy objects in the medical field, Sanitray Nonwoven Fabric non-woven fabrics can not only be used to produce masks, surgical clothing, Products often use this material.

Because the non-woven low cost, Sanitray Nonwoven Fabric can reduce the cost of a one-time use to ensure the use of health. Humidifier that and other materials can not be degraded compared to non-woven because it can be a good recycling use, so have a good environmental Characteristics.

Hot melt adhesive is a plastic binder, in a certain temperature range of its physical state will change with the temperature change. The chemical characteristics of the same, Sanitray Nonwoven Fabric its non-toxic and tasteless, is environmentally friendly chemical products. Because of its products are solid, easy to packaging, transportation, storage, solvent-free, non-polluting, non-toxic; and the production process is simple, high value-added, bonding strength, speed and other advantages of one-time health supplies industry Favored. What is the type of disposable hygiene products hot melt?

Requiring a moderate cotton peel force; good resistance to transfer performance, cohesive strength; the adaptability of the seasonal area wide, in low temperature environment, Sanitray Nonwoven Fabric there is still a good initial viscosity; peel force on the thickness of the coating is not very sensitive ; Good temperature aging performance, sanitary napkins after a long period of storage, the peel peel and color change little; good adaptability to the substrate, all kinds of underwear fabric have a moderate peel force; good thermal stability, Plastic color and physical properties of small changes; light color, low odor, the UV can not be too sensitive; Sanitray Nonwoven Fabric good operating performance, the use of moderate temperature, easy to apply, safe non-toxic, but allergies. Structural adhesive for bonding non-woven / perforated film and pe back film, adhesive absorbent paper and non-woven, Sanitray Nonwoven Fabric PE or fluff pulp; adhesive elastic waist and PE back film; adhesive three-dimensional leak-proof molding; The formation of the same seal around the seal, so that the core material stable and close contact. Sanitray Nonwoven Fabric It is required to have good thermal stability, suitable opening time, good adhesion to PE film and non-woven fabric, non-woven / perforated film is not reverse osmosis, do not burn PE film, do not migrate, good on the machine performance.

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